How long will it be until I get my pictures?

I know nobody likes waiting until they get to see their pictures, so I try my best to get everyone their pictures as soon as possible, generally between 1-2 weeks. 

What should I wear for the photoshoot?

I find that dressing too formal can lead to unnatural smiles, so I generally recommend wearing something nice but casual so you get that happy carefree look! You also want to be comfortable when you're taking pictures, so make sure that what you are wearing is not too stiff or uncomfortable. Feel free to call/Whatsapp me at 053-567-7668 for a FREE outfit consultation!

Where can I print my photos?

Any print shop around the city will be happy to do it for you, or you can do it at home with a printer and glossy photo paper, but you will likely get medium to low grade quality prints depending on the sizing. This is a great option if you are printing something small, like a 5x7 for your fridge. If you are looking for HIGH QUALITY wall art, (e.g. big prints, kappa, canvas, and wood) I do offer a printing service, which is guaranteed way to ensure great quality (as well as convenience😉). Please let me know at the end of our session and I will be happy to give you the rundown! I only want the best  for your walls😉😊!!!

What do you normally do to edit a picture?

I normally try to go for a natural look, so I do light touch ups to bring out the best in everyone. I'll smooth skin, brighten eyes, and add more contrast to make the subject pop. Often kids get dirty so I clean that up too😊. I also can do item removal, add sun flares, or make pictures black and white, but I normally only do it upon request. I also can do other assorted advanced edits so if you want to know if I can do something else, feel free to ask! I want everyone to LOVE their edited pictures so all questions are welcome!!!

I love this picture but my child isn't smiling, can you make him smile?

Thanks for asking😉! Yes, I can try my best. Some smiles are easier to fix than others. For example if the child is making a plain face I can change it to a slight smile, but I won't be able to make it in to a full blown smile and still preserve the natural look. 

Question I missed? Please Call/Whatsapp 053-567-7668 or hit the "Contact" button and send me and email. Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

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